PMDD Awareness Month

I decided to be open with my friends and share my diagnosis of PMDD. This month is PMDD Awareness Month so I decided to participate. As uneasy as I was about it, I thought it was important enough. It has made my life a constant battle, and I was at a loss before my diagnosis. Here is what is wrote on Facebook. 

I guess April is PMDD Awareness Month so here is my contribution. 

It stands for Premenstrual Disphoric Disorder. 

It affects 3-8% of women in reproductive years. 

It’s about 17 years of a woman’s life, during which she has more than the physical symptomes of PMS. PMDD can be delibilating: on top of physical symptoms, she has psycological symptoms including depression symptoms similar to those of a major depression half of the month each month. 

There is no universal cure and most women go through trial and error most of their life to find effective treatment and relief. And some even result in getting hystorectomy/oophorectomy to end it once and for all. 

Most are not diagnosed until much later in life and often after doing their own research. Most doctors are not aware of it.

Mental illnesses are a taboo topic so it took a lot for me to admit it and be willing to share. (Plus add the topic of menstruation and that makes it a mega taboo topic) 

But I think it’s important to at least be aware it exists to be able to detect it early as it can destroy one’s life and relationships. Family around is very affected, needs to be supportive and understanding what is going on helps everyone go through the month.

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One comment on “PMDD Awareness Month
  1. i was so happy to open up my emails today and see a notification that you have posted about pmdd. It’s not easy to open up and share such personal details of your life especially illnesses like pmdd when this is such little understanding of how badly it affects your life. So very brave of you ! Keep up the blogging xx

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