Easter in the US

My first Easter in the US (in Florida) was one for the records. As I mentioned before in this post, this was the first time I met my future parents in law. And I arrived late and learned a lot about the differences between familial lunches in France and the US.

As far as food, my mother in law had cooked a lot of different food: mac and cheese, sweet potatoes, . I learned later that she didn’t like cooking and this was one of the only days of the year that she would spend time cooking a big meal. It lasted an hour and I was sent home. I remember my sister in law getting up, putting her plate away when she was done and getting dessert as we were still having the main dish. 

I spent many more Easters there. Most Easters spent in Florida were before we had kids: we would get up for Easter mass, have a big breakfast, cook a lot of food and have family lunch. It was usually pretty relaxing day, just enjoying family.

A different aspect of Easter showed up with my daughter. When she was 2, we bought plastic eggs and hided them in the living room for her to find them on Sunday morning. We had stayed in Arizona that year. She loved looking for them and we continued playing this game of hide and seek for a while.

When she turned 3, we did the same thing at home. And in addition, one of her friends invited her to his community egg hunt. They had plastic eggs with candy or gadgets inside spread all over the ground of the playground. It was organized by age, so different sections would be dedicated to specific age groups. She had a lot of fun.

When she turned 4, we had moved to a small town in Colorado and I was trying to pay more attention to the events going on there. A big egg hunt was being organized in the park by our house. It had snowed that night. They had marked squared sections for each age group and eggs were laying there waiting for the kids to rush and get them. The Easter bunny arrived on the fire truck. The girls took pictures with him, like they would for Santa. A few minutes later, they gave the green light for the hunt to start. All the kids rushed in and grabbed as many eggs as possible. Then back to the parents to open them. A few eggs had special notes inside to redeem a bigger easter basket the organization was giving away. This was a lot of fun.

This year, we missed the town egg hunt, but since it was a beautiful weekend, we did our egg hunt in the backyard. And we had to make sure some eggs were easy to find for our 2 year old and some eggs were hidden much harder to make it fun for our 5 year old.

Every Easter seems different as the girls grow up, all of them are a lot of fun. I love to see their excitement as they search for the eggs, pick them up, put them in the basket, then open them and find out what is in it. Special bonus for the younger ones: it’s a learning opportunity to learn to grab objects, move them to a different container, etc.

Happy Easter!


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