Life is a challenge but has no idea if I can go through it or not. 

On a post about the challenges thrown at us by life

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A birthday in China

My birthday experience in China.

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Pourquoi je suis restée aux Etats-Unis…

Les raisons pour lesquelles je suis restée aux Etats-Unis.

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Why I stayed in the US…

The reasons why I stayed in the US.

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PMDD Awareness Month

I decided to be open with my friends and share my diagnosis of PMDD. This month is PMDD Awareness Month so I decided to participate. As uneasy as I was about it, I thought it was important enough. It has

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Easter in the US

My first Easter in the US (in Florida) was one for the records. As I mentioned before in this post, this was the first time I met my future parents in law. And I arrived late and learned a lot

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5 raisons d’adopter un chiot

Mes 5 raisons d’adopter un nouveau chiot.

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